Explanations For Online Poker Conspiracy Theories

Although playing casino games online is rising in popularity, plenty of interested players are still on the fence whether they should try it too or not. There are a variety of reasons for this and one of them is the fact that many online casino players are spreading the word that online games are rigged.

The reality though is that casinos are built with the odds stacked against the players but some online players have concocted some conspiracy theories and although there could be some truth to them, there are also logical explanations. That said let us look at the most common conspiracy theories being thrown around the internet.

It is believed by some that good players get bad beats. There are plenty of cases when a good player with a good hand is called by a bad player with a weak hand and sometimes, the bad player edges out the good one. The reasoning provided by conspiracy theorists is that casinos would make more money from bad players the longer they play so they tend to make them win early on. mega888

A logical explanation for this is that online games are usually played loose and in that nature of a game, good hands hold up less. Also, the fast-paced nature of online gaming doubles the chance of a good hand being beaten. It is very possible that a good hand can be beaten through sheer luck and it is even more pronounced in the online world where more games are being played by the hour.

The cash-out course is another conspiracy theory that many people believe in. Basically, it involves someone cashing out some of their winnings and once they started playing again, they run into a string of bad lucks. The explanation by conspiracy theorist is that people cashing out are flagged by the casinos because they are taking out some of the money that could be made by the company. Thus, once they return to play, the money they have is distributed to other people who are more likely to lose it all.

Strictly speaking, the cash out curse is real. With less money for cushion you could bust sooner than later. Poker, although a game of skills is also dependent on luck which means you could have a string of bad luck, then a string of good ones. With more money in the bank, you can weather that string of bad luck without busting. The cash-out curse is therefore a statistical law and not something that online casinos are switching on and off.


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